My name is Austin Zhang and I marry vulnerability and sound.

  • Saxophonist, Wind Synthesist, and multi-instrumentalist
  • Creative Business and Entrepreneurship Educator
  • Audio Engineering, Videography, Photography

A bit about me...

How does a first-generation Chinese American boy raised in suburban Texas end up devoting his life to the study and mastery of jazz in Harlem? Your guess is as good as mine, but here I am.

Hi, I'm Austin Zhang, and I'm a swinging NYC saxophonist, blooming entrepreneur, technology nerd, and career educator all rolled into one and here's my story. I tried convincing my parents to switch to Linux at age 11, drop-shipped saxophones on eBay during class, and played dodgy Deep Ellum bars by night. I left my hometown to focus on music at the Manhattan School of Music where I met some of the most important mentors in my life: Jaleel Shaw, Stefon Harris, John Riley, Marc Cary, and Wynton Marsalis. These mentors live the artistic excellence, empathy, and depth of character that exemplify this music and its history; their tall tradition I seek to continue.

Since then Austin has shared the stage with giants of music: Terri Lyne Carrington, Wycliffe Gordon, Lynn Seaton, Mino Cinelu, and others. In 2020, he re-immersed himself in the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship and co-founded the NYC digital music venue, Brave Sound Productions.

Today, Austin leads other musicians towards healthier and wealthier lives with his blog and educational videos. He records electronic fusion music in a duo project with drummer, Michael Shapira. He's also recently begun an in-depth study of the Great American Songbook in an effort to uncover the harmony, verses, and stories we've lost to time. More on current projects below ↓

Current Work:

Great American Songbook Study

Synthesizer and Electronic

Entrepreneurship for Creatives

Despite being a "New York City Jazz musician", I'm not much of a guy for late nights hanging in the clubs. Trust me when I say, I've done plenty of it (and don't regret it). Still, I much prefer to work on projects in the studio. Currently, this largely consists of:

  • Remote session recording (on saxophone, electronic wind instrument, flute, and clarinet)

  • Creating educational business, finance, and entrepreneurship content for jazz musicians and the larger digital creator community

  • Audio Engineering and Video work (see Brave Sound)

  • Teaching for a small number of motivated students who seek it out

Personal projects include my duo with drummer, Michael Shapira, and a number of periodic collaborations with many awesome, talented friends.


Some of my favorite people and favorite shots from recent years:)

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